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 Successful risk management programs for the hospitality industry take experience, knowledge and attention to detail - qualities important in a fine hotel and a solid insurance solution.  These qualities define the approach Zurich Agency Services (ZAS) takes in offering insurance programs to this profitable market.  Zurich has dedicated underwriters, focusing solely on the property and casualty needs of hotels.  Many of the Zurich professionals servicing your customers have held hospitality industry positions in claims, security and risk management.  This promotes creativity and practicality to their many services geared toward this key market segment.


Limited Service
  • Frequented by business travelers
  • Pool is not heavily used
  • Food service limited to breakfast
  • Fitness rooms limited to a weight machine, treadmills & stationary bikes
  • Limited meeting facilities, no banquet or conference capabilities
  • Room rates typically ranging from $85 - $175/night depending on geography


  • Usually smaller and/or more distinctive
  • Wide range of possible amenities
  • May be part of a national register of boutique hotels
  • Room rates may range from $200 to more than $2,000/night
Full Service
  • Restaurant and lounge
  • Conference and Banquet facilities
  • High traffic pools
  • Fitness center may include a spa
  • Amenities may include golf, tennis and equipment rentals
  • Room rates typically ranging from $125 - $300/night


  • Multiple restaurants
  • High traffic pools, possibly with water slide, lazy river, water activities
  • Retail
  • Activity desk
  • Full spa
  • Multiple amenities
  • Room rates typically more than $250/night

Economy Hotels or Motels

  • May have a pool but typically no other amenities
  • Attract customers almost entirely on the basis of price
  • Many have exterior room entrances
  • Commonly located along highway
  • Room rates generally less than $100/night


Bed and Breakfast

  • May be a converted dwelling
  • Often located in protection class 7 – 10
  • Usually frame construction and without sprinklers
  • Generally few rooms with few employees



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