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Zurich North America combines state of the art Claims, Risk Engineering and Information Technology tools and procedures to bring powerful Risk Management solutions to customers.  Whether it is a Claims review meeting with a knowledgeable adjuster, an on-site consultation with a Risk Engineering professional, an instant report generated from the Zurich on-line system, or any of many other services, Zurich provides valuable information and recommendations that help manage risk.  Special customized handling procedures are also available for our larger customers experiencing a regular frequency of claims.

The claims professionals, attorneys, investigators and other specialists whose services are available through Zurich Services Corporation have the experience, financial resources and expertise to help satisfy your needs.  This claims organization consists of over 3,000 employees in more than 25 offices located throughout the United States .

Providing traditional claims service is just the beginning at Zurich .  Customers can also take advantage of a number of related services including managed care, special investigations and staff legal services.  The claims organization's nurses, investigators and attorneys are an integral part of the claims process. The entire Claims organization is dedicated to a common goal: protect the foundation of your organization: its physical property, employees and intellectual capital.

One example of loss cost containment is the Managed Care operation provided by the claims division employees of the Zurich Services Corporation.  They routinely audit every medical bill associated with a workers compensation claim for fee schedules, Preferred Provider discounts, prescription discounts, catastrophic medical treatment plans and other areas related to medical management.  The group has similar programs with the same objective including a Special Investigative Department, Litigation Management and Vendor management.  The obvious objective in these endeavors is to positively affect the experience for a given policy or policyholder.  



Professionals at Zurich North America believe that reducing risk is the most effective way to reduce loss costs.  As a result, a "total risk perspective" is employed, which means that risk engineering consultants not only look at operational and natural perils, but also at entrepreneurial, financial and business interruption exposures.

To ensure Zurich 's services and solutions meet the same high standard throughout the organization, they work according to the principles of continuous improvement and of total quality management; principles that are reflected in Zurich 's Risk Engineering ISO 9001 certification.

* Risk engineering services provided by Zurich Services Corporation.



To make intelligent, timely risk management decisions, it is essential to have current claim and loss information.  As a valued added service, the customer information technology of Zurich North America allows the policyholder, agent or broker to have direct access to Zurich 's claim management system. 

This web-enabled claim information tool is updated daily and provides information that allows for benchmarking of loss costs and loss trend analysis so that problem areas can be identified early, allowing corrective action to be implemented.  



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